Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Bra's & Undies


:: Always wear a bra that fits you properly; a good bra will lift the boobs and give definition to the waist

:: It is fine to show off your bra straps under spaghetti strapped tops and dresses, as long as the bra is pretty

:: Flat-chested women, whose nipples show when they are wearing tops without a bra, should put plasters over their nipples or put foundation on them

:: Wear 'chicken fillets' to fill out a top if you have small boobs

:: Always make sure your bra and knickers are lighter or the same colour as the clothes you're wearing.


:: Look at the VPL (Visible Panty Line). Ban all knickers that show through your trousers.

:: Wear flesh-coloured underwear under white clothes or any outfit that is vaguely see-through

:: If a skirt is see-through, but not figure-hugging, opt for big, flesh-coloured knickers rather than a thong

:: If you have bad cellulite on your behind, avoid g-strings at all costs if you are wearing thin fabrics.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Blood type comic: type AB overview

Blood type comic: type B overview

Blood type comic: type A overview

Blood type comic: type O overview

Did you know some believe that blood types exhibit certain personality traits?
I recently came across some pretty unique comics based on blood type versus personality. These cartoons depict how each blood type reacts to a certain situation or their intrinsic attributes. Even though there is no proven correlation between blood type and personality, these cartoons are still very entertaining.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Dress Thinner By Tonight!

I believe that every woman can work her body to her advantage by dressing right. Any woman can minimise flabby arms, heavy calves, muffin tops and more just by changing a few key items in their wardrobe.

Here are my top tips for covering a Buddha belly:

1. Throw a jacket over dark jeans. No matter what you’re wearing under it, you’ll have instant camouflage and feel more confident. A contemporary blazer looks slim over tanks and camisoles with dark jeans.
2. Slip a bright jacket over a dark sheath dress. You’re adding drama to a background of slimness.
3. Wear a high-waist body shaper with extra-firm tummy control. You can look flatter and firmer under everything from sleeve-less shifts to pencil skirts.
4. Add a long- loose tank under your sweater as a layering piece to cover any gaps between jeans and tops.
5. Move your waist up or down, experiment with belts to find your best waistline. Take some photos, you’ll be amazed.
6. Get immediate camouflage with draping, crossover details, tiers, or shirring that provides extra coverage without the need to layer.
7. Keep the top small and bottom voluminous ... or keep the top voluminous and the bottom small. Fool the eye with a full drapey top and lean skirt or slimming jeans. Or, wear a fitted top with a drop-waist full skirt or wide, slouchy pants.
8. Wear a dress with a deep V-neckline and a raised waist that skims past the problem.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The right jeans for you

If you have legs like those girls then chances are you don't have any problem finding jeans. Cow!

When it comes to buying denim jeans, women want two things – they want their bottoms to look great, and their tummies to look flat. Here's some tips for making sure you buy a great pair of jeans:

Comfort Factor

If you feel comfortable, chances are the jeans will look good too. Make sure you can sit down and bed over with ease. Jeans should be a pleasure to wear, and not a torture device.

Don't always count on size

Please don't buy jeans that are too tight on you even though it's in the size you normally wear, opt for the next size up if necessary.

Bend and Stretch

Jeans with a higher percentage of stretch will feel great and fit your body shape best. A two way stretch makes for a great fitting jean.
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